GCP Applied Technologies

Monokote® products provide superior fire protection for all types of commercial environments

We have developed Monokote® to satisfy all of the fireproofing challenges faced in commercial construction.  Monokote can protect any environment — concealed from view, exposed, abrasion and moisture, protecting steel or concrete.

The Monokote® portfolio includes a series of specialised materials.  There are products designed for industrial applications such as tunnels and petrochemical facilities.  There are

 other products that provide thermal barrier over plastic surfaces such as polyurethane foam plastics (SPF). There’s even a UL-approved material for patching Monokote MK-5, MK-6 and MK-10 products: Monokote® Patching Compound.

All our products are cementitious, asbestos-free and easy to pump and spray. They’re efficient to apply whether you’re providing fire protection to ground floors or the upper reaches of a skyscraper.

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