Cellulosic fire protection. Superior fire protection

There is a growing trend among today’s architects and designers of civil buildings to use exposed steel as a design feature. However, if a fire strikes, the potential for disaster is frightening. Within minutes, unprotected steel can reach the critical temperature that causes it to lose stability and entire buildings to collapse. In these situations, seconds can mean lives saved.

PPG STEELGUARD™ – the superior cellulosic fire protection solution

The PPG STEELGUARD intumescent coatings are specially formulated to provide that vital extra time needed to help people escape and also allow fire fighters to save the building itself.
Intumescent coatings work by expanding at high temperatures, from a very thin, lightweight coating, into a thick, foam-like layer that insulates the steel from the fire, and it is this insulation that maintains the steel’s stability.

The PPG STEELGUARD range offers a complete set of fit-for-purpose solutions suited to various grades of fire protection, climatic exposure conditions and application techniques. They are trusted to protect a wide range of large, high-traffic civil buildings around the world, including shopping centers, airport terminals, sports stadia and schools.

As well as providing superb fire protection, PPG STEELGUARD intumescent coatings also produce an extremely smooth surface, which can be top coated in many colors to match the aesthetics of these buildings.

Environmental adherence

The PPG STEELGUARD range also includes waterborne intumescent coatings that have been specifically designed for onsite use. These products comply with the most stringent environmental regulations, enabling applications to take place in working areas even while people are using the building.

In combination with suitable PPG topcoats, the range provides high levels of corrosion protection against a wide variety of atmospheric conditions.

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