Epoxy Coatings

A wide range of intumescent epoxy coatings is available. These can be described as a mix of thermally reactive chemicals in a specific epoxy matrix formulated for fireproofing applications. Under fire conditions, they react to emit gases, which cool the surface while a low-density carbonaceous char is formed. This char then serves as a thermal barrier.

Advantages of intumescent epoxy coatings are:

  • Properly applied, these coatings have excellent bonding and corrosion protection.
  • They are typically lightweight and durable under non-fire conditions.
  • Product is available that is flexible and tolerates vibration.
  • Certain materials have demonstrated exceptional durability in severe jet-fire tests.
  • Because they are based on an organic system, special characteristics can be designed into the coating.
  • Coatings are available that provide an attractive finish appearance.