Shop Applied Products

While many of the current fireproofing products are applied in the field and after erection, there are shop applied options.  Shop applied fireproofing options will be available under the “Intumescent” portion of the fireproofing specification. Not all intumescent fireproofing coatings are created equal, and not all can survive the erection process. It is important to rely on the manufacturer of the coating for verification the fireproofing is a shop applied grade.

What are the advantages of shop applied fireproofing?

Shop applied fireproofing applications are done in a more controlled environment. This can result in a better product. It also arrives at the job site coated and ready for erection. This can help shorten the critical path by not shutting down other trades during field applied fireproofing.  Dependent on your field labor costs, shop applied fireproofing might be a more economical choice. Field labor rates are typically higher than shop labor rates. While intumescent coatings themselves cost more, the labor savings can offset that.