Spray-Applied Fireproofing

Providing safety and peace of mind in today’s modern construction is priceless. Fireproofing systems provide up to a four-hour rating on structural members helping to prevent steel from collapsing during a fire. This hourly rating is extremely important in the event of a fire since every minute counts when it comes to saving lives. Sprayed on fireproofing systems play an important role when it comes to providing a cost-effective approach to meet the hourly ratings required by building codes and insurance companies. Fireproofing is a passive form protection that is always ready to protect the steel versus active systems, such as sprinklers, that are required to activate before they perform.

Spray-applied fireproofing products are the most common types of fireproofing materials. Spray-applied fireproofing can either be cementitious fireproofing (typically gypsum based, wet mix formulation) or sprayed fiber fireproofing (mineral wool fiber with a Portland cement-based binder, dry mix formulation). Spray-applied materials come in standard density for concealed applications and medium or high density for exposed applications where the fireproofing is constantly subject to abuse and/or moisture.